In this document the following data will be used:

Seller/Owner of the website: Cieffe Gioielli srl

Registered office: Via Napoli, 2010, Arzano (NA)

Vat registration: IT06592620634

Enrollment in the Business Register: 06592620634

Telephone number: 081 573 6455



Competence Court: Court of Naples

1 Acceptance of general conditions for sale

1.1 The contract entered between the Seller and the Customer shall mean concluded with the acceptance, even partial, of the order from the Seller. Such acceptance is considered tacit. Making an order in the expected different modalities, the customer declares to have gone through all the guides received during the purchasing process and to accept entirely the general and payment conditions described below.

1.2 Once concluded the online purchasing process, Customers or Consumers will print and save an electronic copy and they will store the present general conditions of sale, in respect of what is provided in accordance with Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/1999, of distance selling.

1.3 It is excluded any kind of right of Customer to claim for damages or compensation, as well as every kind of contractual or extra-contractual responsibilities for direct and indirect damages to persons or any goods, caused by the loss of acceptance, even partial, of an order.

2 Purchasing process

2.1 Customer is allowed to buy only items entered in the electronic catalogue of the Seller at the moment of the sending of the order and open online at the web address.

2.2 The correct receiving of the order is confirmed by the Seller throught e-mail, sent to the e-mail address previously communicated by the Customer. Such e-mail will contain date and hour of the execution of the order and a 'serial number' that can be used to contact the staff of the Seller in case of necessity. The message proposes all the data inserted by the Customer who commits to verify their accuracy and to communicate potential corrections promptly, following the modalities indicated in this document.

2.3 In case of non-acceptance of the order, the staff of the Seller guarantees prompt communication to Costumer.

3 Prices

All the prices indicated to the final consumer on the website have to be intended including VAT (22%). Prices may vary without notice.

4 Images

The images in support of the descriptive form of a product have only a exemplifying purpose to allow the better perception of the various tone of colour. The images of advertised products can be not perfectly representative of their features but they can differ in colour, size, accessories.

5 Payment methods

5.1 Credit Card

In case of purchase of goods by Visa or Mastercard Credit Card, Maestro Bancomat, at the moment of the conclusion of the online transaction, the reference banking institution will authorize only the commitment of the amount related to the acquisition. The amount for the goods sold, also partially, will be attributed on the credit card of the Customer until the goods leaves the warehouse. In case of cancellation of the order, both from the Customer and in case of non-acceptance from the Seller, it will be requested by our staff the cancellation of the transaction and the clearance of the amount pawned at the same time. The time for clearance depends on banking system exclusively and they can reach their natural deadline (24 hours from the date of authorization). Once made the cancellation of the transaction, in no case the Seller can be considered responsible for any direct or indirect damage, caused by a delay in the missed clearance of the amount pawned by the banking system. If the goods leaves the warehouse later than the 23th day after the date of dispatch, the Seller will allow the concerning charge on the credit card of the Customer, even in case of advance of the material delivery of goods, in order to avoid the deadline of the authorization of the transaction (24 days). The Seller reserves the right to demand the Customer supplementary information (e.g. phone number) or the sending of a copy of documents proving the ownership of the used card. In the absence of the required documents , our staff reserves the right not to accept the order. At no time of the purchasing process the Seller is able to know the information concerning the credit card of the Customer, sent  directly through secure connection to the website of the banking system that manages the transaction. No database of the Seller will save such data. In no case the Seller can be considered responsible for  a potential fraudulent and undeserved use of credit cards from third person, in the time of payment of purchased goods on the Website.

5.2 Cash on delivery

The Costumer makes the final cash payment to the driver. The service is available only with some modalities of transport.

5.3 PayPal

In case of PayPal purchase, at the same time of the conclusion of the online transaction, Paypal will charge the amount concening the made purchase immediately.

6 Means of transport, delivery charge, Costumer care reports

6.1 The Seller can accept orders only with delivery in Italy and in European Union countries. It is excluded the delivery in Livigno and Campione d'Italia. As for all the Countries external to the European Union they will be required specific documents for each Country and there will be personalized delivery charges.

6.2 Each sent order is accompanied by a detailed Document of Transport as required in the D.P.R. n. 696 of 21 december 1996. The invoice is issued, only if required at the moment of the order indicating the vat registration number in the reference field. The document will be able to be downloaded in the specific section of your account on the website.

Note: Invoice may not be required if the goods have already been leaved the warehouse.

6.3 The charges of delivery are paid by Customer and are made clearly explicit during the order. The payment for goods from the Customer will take place using the modality chosen during the order. Nothing more is required to the Customer respecting the total amount of the order highlighted at the end of the purchase process.

6.4 No responsibility can be imputed to the Seller in case of delay in the sending or in the delivery of the order.

6.5 At the moment of the delivery of goods by the courier, Customer is required to check: that the packaging is intact, not damaged, not soaked or altered, including the closure materials (adhesive tape or hoop-iron). Potential damages must be immediately contested to the courier who makes the delivery. Once signed the document of the courier, the Customer will not be able to contest about the exterior characteristics of what delivered.

Potential problems linked with physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the received goods must be compulsorily reported to Customer care at the latest by 15 days from the delivery.

6.6 In case of failured collection within 5 working days of the material present in storage in the warehouses of the courier because of the reiterated impossibility of delivery at the address indicated by the Customer in the moment of the order, the order will be deleted automatically.

7 Availabilty of goods

On the website only materially available goods in stock can be ordered. The integrated functionality of the availabilty of goods in the warehouse is precise, anyway it can happen some delaies of communication between the stock in the warehouse and the situation indicated on the website. Consequently, the availability of goods  in some rare cases can not be guaranted with certainty. If one or more ordered goods were not immediately available for dispatch, it would be our staff, on the basis of the consistency of the order and of the timeframe for the restocking, to decide to proceed with one of the following solutions:

- to send available goods immediately and to send missing goods as soon as they are available again without any addebt of additional postage.

- to contact the Customer who will choose if receiving goods in a single solution, delaying the sending of the order, or if removing from the order goods not available immediately.

8 Right of withdrawal

8.1 If Customers are consumers (physical people who purchase the goods for purposes not concerning own professional activity, that is people who do not make the purchase indicating a reference of vat registration to the Seller in the order form), they have the right of withdrawal from the purchase contract for any reason, without necessity to give explanation and without any penalty, except what is indicated in the following point 8.3.

8.2 For exercising that right, the Customer must send to the Seller a communication in that sense, within 14 working days from the date of the delivery of goods. Such communication must be sent by one of the following means:

- Registered letter with notification delivery, addressed to the registered office of the Seller.

- Fax sent within the said deadline of 14 days and followed by a confirmation by registered letter with notification delivery, sent within the following 48 hours peremptorily.



8.3. The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

- The right is applied to the purchased good in its entirety;

- It is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on a part of the purchased good;

- The purchased good will have to be intact and returned in its original package, complete in all its parts;

- According to the law, the postage concerning the restitution of goods are in charge of the Costumer;

- The dispatch, up to the receiving in our warehouse, in under the full responsibility of the Costumer;

- In case of damages of goods during the transportation, the Seller will inform the Customers (within the 5th day from the receiving of the good in the warehouse), to permit them to file a report against the chosen courier and to obtain the refund of the price of the good (if insured); in that event, the good will be made available to the Customer for its restitution, deleting the request of withdrawal at the same time;

- The Seller is no responsible for any damages or loss/theft of goods returned with not insured dispatch; at the moment of its arrival to the warehouse, the good will be checked to evaluate potential damages or tamperings not caused by the transportation. If the good was ruined, the Seller will withhold a percentage from the refund, as a contribution for  the cost of re-establishment.

8.4 Except potential re-establishment costs for verified damages to the original package, the Seller will reimbourse to the costumer the entire amount of paid goods (delivery charge excluded), by Bank Transfer o Paypal, within 14 days from the return of goods.  It will be care of the Customer to supply bank details on which you can obtain the refund (name surname account holder, IBAN).

8.5 The right of withdrawal falls completely, because of the lack of the essential condition of integrity of the goods (package and/or its content), in cases in which the Seller ascertains:

- lack of completing elements of goods;

- damages of the good due to different causes from its transportation.

In case of loss of the right of withdrawal, the Seller will return the purchased good to senders, attributing them the delivery charges.

9 Guarantees


The purchased goods on the Website are subject to discipline, however desirable, to the Legislative Decree 2.2.2002 n. 24 (G.U. n. 57, 8.3.2002) on sale contracts and on guarantees concerning consumer goods and, even if not therein contemplated, to the specific dispositions expected in matter from the Civil Code.


Such guarantee will be applied to goods with lack of conformity and/or malfunction that cannot be seen at the moment of purchase, provided that goods are used correctly and with the proper diligence and so in the respect of its destination and of what is expected in the potential technical documentation, with observance to the various operating rules therein indicated.


Said guarantee will not be applicable in case of negligence, carelessness in use and maintenance of goods, of an improper use. The guarantee is personal and will be applied only to the original buyer, being reserved to direct consumers and not to dealers, retailers, etc.


Potential anomalies of packaging of goods must be signaled within 15 days from the reception of goods. The written report must be attached by the consumer at the moment of re-dispatch of the  defective good.


At the moment of re-dispatch, goods, although defective, in order to be substituted must be complete of packaging and of all the accessories and documents received by customer in the moment of purchase.  The re-dispatch of goods without original packaging, accessories and the said documents impedes the Seller the substitution of goods to the manufacturer and so the substitution is impossibile.


The Seller reserves the right to verify the real defect and to make the substitution only after this check. The request will be sent only if in the returned package the following documents will be present: a copy of the purchase invoice or a receipt of the payment by mark, number and date of the order, brief description of the observed deficiency. The costs of returning of good to the sender are payed by the Customer.


10 Privacy


10.1 The personal data required during the moment of registration to the website and the sending of the order are gathered and treated in order to satisfy the requests of the Customer.


Such data will be treated for istitutional purposes, linked or instrumental to the activity of our company, that is:


- To execute to a service or to one or more operations, arranged contractually;

- To execute legal obligation;

- For operative or management demands;

- For demands of control of the tendency of the relationship with costumers;

- For operative and strategic marketing purposes;

- For the sending of advertising material and/or business information.


Personal data will be given to third people in no case. The Seller guarantees to their customers the respect of the law in matter of processing of personal data, disciplined by the privacy code of the  Legislative Decree 196 of 30.06.03. Owner of the processing data is the Seller.


Note: If you register yourself to the website or proceeds with the sending of the order, you agrees tacitly to the processing of personal details in accordance with the Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30.06.03.


10.2 The website uses cookies in order to improve the experience of surfing, also of third parts. Proceeding with the surfing you agrees with the use of cookies.


11 Copyright


All the contents present on the website, including texts, documents, brands, logos, images, graphic, their disposition and their adaptation are protected by the copyright law and by the law to protect Brands (Law n.633  of 22 april 1941 and successive changes, Royal Decree n.929 of 21 june 1942 and successive changes) and are covered by copyright. The website can contain also images, documents, logos and brands of third parts that have expressly authorized the publication to the Seller. The reproduction, even if partial of contents, texts, documents, brands, logos, images, graphic is forbidden. Any abuse will be pursued according to exsisting laws.


12 Claims


12.1 Any potential claim must be addressed to the Seller by registered letter or PEC.

They are not accepted or considered valid claims made through electronic mail or form of contact of the website.


12.2 In case of problems or anomaly, before you make the claim, the customer is asked to contact the staff of the Seller through the specific section on the website. In almost all cases, any problem or misunderstanding can be solved in a few hours.


13 Applicable law


The sale contract between Costumer and Seller is concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian Law. For the solution of civil and penal controversies caused by the conclusion of such sale contract at distance, the territorial authority is exclusively the one of the Competence Court at the bottom of the document.


14 Further Considerations


The Seller believes in the quality of its goods and tries to offer the best quality of ingredients on the market. Said that, take note of what follows:


- To ascertain not to be allergic to one of the ingredients of the good before the application;

- The Seller is not responsible for potential reaction to the ingredients of purchased goods;

- None of our goods has to be used in substitution of medical cures or clinical treatments;

- The information published on the Website are not cures or treatments for dermatological problems and in no case have to be considered as such;

- Advice reported on the Website or given by Customer Service have an information purpose and do not want to substitute the medical opinion in any way;

- Please consult your doctor in case of doubts.


To purchase on the Website  involves acceptance of all the listed terms and conditions.